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Immersive Creations is the Dallas-Fort Worth licensee of PLATFORM by RAW Artists™. PLATFORM empowers creative entrepreneurs with tools, technology, and resources to operate event showcases and bring arts communities together. By partnering with RAW Artists, we're able to build unique showcases with unique benefits that are constantly evolving to the artists that showcase with us. 

The owners of Immersive Creations and operators of RAW: Dallas - Fort Worth, Allie & Kendell, are long time friends that saw a place they could step into an make a difference in the lives of local artists. As artists and crafters themselves, they had dreams of helping artists develop inside a community that believed in them while providing an avenue for them to grow their brand and showcase their work; and PLATFORM by RAW Artists™ allows Allie & Kendell to do just that. 



Our team is headed by Allie Hicks, President & CEO and Kendell Garrett, Vice President & COO. And as creators and crafters themselves, they bring a fresh take on the world of art with a mission that puts artists first.

"We wanted to do something good in the world and we wanted that 'good' to be for the community we love and believe in, and that's what we're here to do."

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